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What Is SEAL IV?

SEAL IV assists veterans who wish to become self-employed entrepreneurs by providing start-up capital, networking access, and self-funded training, thereby enabling them to participate proudly in civilian and business activities.

SEAL IV supports this next great generation with a proud sense of responsibility to our country. A generation that will provide guidance to future generations, through the restoration of our core values and the backing of our nation’s mission.

As a nation, we are built upon the spirit of entrepreneurship. It is the duty of every American to assist these brave men and women in achieving the true ‘American Dream’: owning their own small business. SEAL IV helps veterans realize the Dream through financing, training and mentoring.

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More than 2.9 Million service members have returned to civilian life since 1991.

An estimated 1 Million more will do so in the next 5 years. Re-integrating our veterans into the workforce and providing them with meaningful career opportunities are vital roles of our contemporary society.

The SEAL IV Solution

An entrepreneurial organization dedicated to finding and supporting successful ventures founded, owned, or supported by military veterans.

Investment Funding

SEAL IV is the investment entity providing the resources to veterans for successful business ownership opportunities.

Investment Identification

SEAL IV provides funding, due diligence, legal apparatus, support, and mentoring.

Investment Allocation and Lending

Veteran-led businesses receive funding support to improve and further their business ventures.

Veterans Are…


45% of veterans are more likely to form their own business.

Job Creators

Veterans generate $120 billion in payroll and employ 6 million people in today’s economy.


78% of veteran-owned small business owners retire from military with 20 years experience in specialized or classified career fields.

Long-Term Planners

Veterans currently own 2.4 million businesses driving our economy.
About Flexile Classic

A Million Opportunities

More than 200,000 people are discharged from the U.S. military each year, and advocates say they often possess qualities that make good entrepreneurs: resourcefulness, a taste for risk-taking and a can-do attitude. Nonprofit groups, state governments and U.S. agencies are all providing business training aimed at giving them new purpose and easing their transition to civilian life. We at Seal IV would like to complete that cycle and bring them into the entrepreneurial side of the house.

Already, veterans are well-represented in the entrepreneurial ranks. Nearly one in 10 small businesses are veteran-owned, and retired service members are at least 45 percent more likely than those without active-duty military experience to be self-employed, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. As troops return from Iraq and Afghanistan, some see an opportunity not only to help them find work, but for veteran entrepreneurs to provide a jolt to the U.S. economy through leadership, employment, and innovation.

Dedication and Persistence

The discipline, skills, and methodologies instilled through military service are important attributes to successful business leadership and ownership. Project planning, teamwork, problem-solving and information analysis are just some of the vital elements learned while serving that are directly applicable to entrepreneurship.

Characteristics Veterans Possess That Investors Love:

  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • A fast, lifelong learner
  • Flexibility and problem-solving skills
  • Loyalty to the business or operation
  • Integrity and trust
  • A strong work ethic
About Flexile Classic
About Flexile Classic

Giving Back

After serving their country honorably, many members of the armed forces face a transition to civilian life that can often be exciting and confusing. These brave men and women, including 2.8 million veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, who have lived each day dedicated to serving and protecting their country often struggle with finding their new sense of mission, purpose or calling after the military.

“Members of each branch of service have different challenges to face during their transition, but one common denominator I see is veterans trying to find their sense of purpose after the military,” said Capt. Amber Schoeder, a United States Marine Corps Officer. “I will be separating from the military after eight years, and now I’m trying to find my purpose, again. I am talented and can do anything, but what do I want to do and why? What greater purpose will I, should I be serving?”

Currently there are multiple Federal agencies providing support and assistance in the transition process to the private sector. As veterans providing assistance to fellow soldiers we hope to create a different path. One which will utilize specific skills and qualities acquired by our brothers-in-arms during their years of service. By giving them a chance to be Entrepreneurs here and abroad , Seal IV hopes to expedite this process, by assisting these returning warriors with entrepreneurial capital and training, to further enable them to choose a purpose, develop their talents and grow within the community, and discover their true mission.

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